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Water Pumps

  • Pump design and selection.
  • Pump supply for domestic water supply, water de-watering systems Wastewater & water treatment, domestic water supply and air conditioning system.

Fire Pumps

  • Pump design and selection.
  • Provide technical advised for pump selection and sizing for building services; fire pump sizing, such as Hose Reel Pump, Wet Riser Pump, Sprinkler pump and Hydrant pump selection.
  • Supply fire pump set with PSB standard, NFPA 20 standard and FM/UL listed.

Swimming Pool, Spa Pool, Water Feature System

  • We offer a thoroughly tested Design & Build Service and are also equally practiced at working with architects or landscape designers.
  • Supply pool and fountain equipment repair or replacement.
  • Our team is professionally capable of identifying any issues arising from equipment faults and resolve such matters promptly.
  • Our pool cleaning services your pool to ensure the safety of use and hygiene.
  • We are provided Pool and fountain products pump, filter, pool lights, cleaning acid and fountain nozzle.

Sauna Room & Steam Room Works

  • We offer one stop Design & Build Service for customized sauna room and Steam room.
  • Supply, repair or replacement of sauna heater , sauna equipment & accessories and steam generator.

FRP (GRP) Tank and Pressed Steel (HDG) Tank

  • Supply customize tank size and tank capacity.
  • FRP tanks are light weight and other properties such as UV & Corrosion resistant, rust free, non-toxic and no microbiological growth, etc…
  • Comply with BS EN:13280:2001 , Singapore standard SS245:1995 and Malaysia standard MS:1390.

TA Balancing & Control Valves

  • Our comprehensive range of balancing valves deliver accurate control and hydronic performance and are particularly suited for use on the secondary side in heating and cooling systems of the buildings and industries.
  • Supply all kind of Balancing valve and control valve.
  • Testing and commission on site according to our proposed design calculation.